How was Deeditt started?

A few years ago, in Mexico, the idea of a space where people could share real-life experiences and support each other was born. At Deeditt, it's not just about validating experiences but also about fostering collaboration. The community can support both experiences and achievements through social actions like "endorse," "like," "inspire," and "comments," promoting connections and mutual learning. Even those without expertise in a particular area can post "deeds" of what they are proud to have achieved, seeking support and contribution from the community to share their accomplishments with others, generating inspiration and social empathy.

I envisioned a world where real stories would connect people and inspire them to make positive changes. A place where authenticity would shine, serving as a beacon amidst the confusion of information on the internet.

This vision didn't arise out of nowhere. It was shaped by the people around me, individuals with experience in various fields, supporting, sharing, and nurturing their communities. However, their voices were lost in the noise of the web. I realized there was an urgent need to create the right channel for these voices to be heard and their experiences to be shared.

When I moved to Ireland in 2017, I decided to materialize that vision. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but my conviction to create a place that highlighted truth and experience kept me focused.

Working alone but passionately, I overcame every obstacle along the way until I saw the light. What started as an idea in a dreamer's mind is now a reality called Deeditt.

This is just the beginning of the community I envisioned. An online space where genuine life narratives flourish, where small "deeds" and "journeys" inspire others to strive for the same. A place where real stories illuminate and inspire.

I invite you to be part of this community guided by passion. Join us in our mission to cultivate authenticity, truth, personal growth, and inner improvement to make better individuals.

Let's turn this idea into reality and build Deeditt together.